Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wedding Theme - Winter Wonderland

Well it's December and Christmas (and no doubt the snow) will soon be upon us, so I've decided that it would be quite fitting if the next theme I look at is Winter Weddings. 

There's something very romantic about winter weddings, or at least that's the image I have in my head... might not be so romantic if the snow in my imagination was replaced by rain and gale force winds in real life!

While it's cold outside, why not have a hot refreshment bar to keep your guests warm while you have your photographs taken or a winter champagne cocktail

If you are holding your wedding in December time, a lot of venues will already be decorated with foliage and Christmas trees saving you some money in the process, however if you aren't getting married at Christmas time, you could recreate a feeling of winter using lots of white with hints of gold or green as well as some natural materials e.g. pine cones either in your wedding ceremony or reception.

Other colours that lend themselves well to a winter wedding are blue and red which can look particularly striking against white (and snow if you are lucky enough to get some)

And just look at the fun you can have with cakes and table decorations in a winter theme wedding

If you want some more winter wedding inspiration then check out my pinterest board!
Jayne x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wedding Colours - Coral

Coral and variations like peach and apricot were big colours in 2013 and will continue to be massive in 2014.  It can be combined with other colours like grey, mint, gold or white or you can go all out and have it as your main colour.  It also lends itself well to beach weddings which are becoming more and more popular with couples (including myself and my other half!) who are opting for a more relaxed and informal wedding.


Coral can work well whether you have dark hair or fair hair, have a light skin tone or a dark skin tone, it's a very versatile colour.
Perhaps one reason why it lends itself so well to weddings, is that according to colour psychologists coral is just one of the colours we associate with romance.  The shades of coral which have more pink in them are more associated with love and the shades with more orange in them suggest fun and playfulness. 
To me, coral and the colours that pair well with it suggest relaxing and peaceful and when I look at the different coral shades I feel a warmth coming from them.

If you are looking for gift tags, table confetti, or placecards to see your coral theme through, then head on over to the etsy shop to have a look at the range or coral coloured products in stock
If you would like to see more coral inspiration then be sure to check out my pinterest board.
Are you having coral in your wedding? Are you combining it with other colours or just having the one main colour - let me know!
Jayne x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wedding themes - Art Deco

As well as looking at wedding colours, I'll also be looking at a number of different wedding themes on the blog.  First up it's Art Deco

A lot of wedding themes are inspired by tv, books and film and this theme is no different, the inspiration being the popular film (and book) the Great Gatsby.  Starting in the 1920s and running right through to the late 1940's Art Deco can be characterised by rich colours, geometric shapes and lavish decoration.  To me, its screams luxury and glamor!

Art deco influence can be seen in many wedding dress designs this year and has also had an influence on the grooms attire.  Just look at all that pretty detailing on the back of this wedding dress....

This lovely cake and cage for wedding wishes or cards from your guests are great subtle ways of introducing art deco in to your wedding.....

These hair accessories and pieces of jewellery are beautiful, I particularly like the earrings and the beautiful ring. 
You can also find wedding invitations, place cards and gift tags all inspired by art deco to see your theme right through.  Head on over to my shop on etsy and you can find some lovely black, white and gold art deco inspired stationery.
Art deco is going to be a big trend for 2014.  It's one of my personal favourites and if I wasn't getting married abroad I would definitely be going for this sort of look - unfortunately it doesn't quite sit right with a beach wedding!
If you would like some more inspiration for your art deco wedding follow my board on pinterest
Jayne x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wedding colours - Brights / Multi-coloured

Over the coming months I am going to look at different wedding colours and themes to give you some ideas for your upcoming wedding.

First up, I thought I would start with something fun and cheery for what is quite frankly a dull and miserable day outside so we are looking a bright coloured or multi coloured weddings which was a trend in 2013 and will continue in to 2014.

If you are feeling brave you could go full out and have bright colour everywhere, from table decorations to cakes, to wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, and even have *shock horror* clashing colours:

Images: Top Left:, top right:, bottom left: pinterest (Jade Megan), bottom right:

If you aren't that brave you might consider using white as your main colour and add splashes of colour here and there in the shape of your nails, gift tags, flowers, shoes or paper lanterns...and maybe you can convince your groom to where a pair of outrageously bright socks or a multi-coloured tie:

Images: Top left; stampedbyjayne, top right:, bottom left:, bottom right:

If you want more inspiration for a bright or multi coloured wedding, have a look at my pinterest board here

Are you having a bright or multi coloured wedding, and if so how are you incorporating the colour?

Jayne x

StampedbyJayne - an Etsy shop

If you've been following me on twitter you'll know that I have been having problems linking paypal buttons with the pages on this site - making it difficult for me to actually sell anything! There was me, all pleased as punch that I had managed to add in a "add to cart" button or a "buy it now" button...then I came to test it and it didn't work!

So now I have an etsy shop instead of having pages on this site - its much easier to manage!

The etsy shop can be found at so if you are getting married or know someone who is, help a girl out and spread the word!

Oh and if anyone has experience of linking paypal and BlogSpot and can give me some tips or advice then leave me a comment!

Jayne x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello, and welcome to my blog...and well I guess my shop too! Stamped by Jayne!

I thought I'd take this opportunity whilst I am waiting for some of my stock to arrive so I can start crafting, to explain the purpose of this site and a bit of background about me.

Recently engaged, I decided that it would be fun to make my own wedding stationery...and now I've well and truly caught the bug!  I had so many ideas going round in my head in styles and colours that wouldn't even fit in with my wedding, that I ended up not being able to sleep properly. 

And don't get me started on the price of some of the pretty things that I was looking at on the internet.  If there is one thing that really annoys me about weddings it's the fact that you just have to mention the word "wedding" and pound symbols flash up in people's eyes.  Here in the UK, if you wanted to hire a venue for a 50th birthday party and food for 50 guests it would cost you a certain amount.  However, change that to a wedding reception and keep the same food and same number of guests and suddenly the price of everything triples.  And its the same with things like invitations, gift tags, thank you cards, favour boxes and all other wedding related paraphernalia. 

Here you will always find wedding stationery at a reasonable price that pretty much costs what it costs me to make them - I'm in it for the fun of making the things and not for ripping people off!

I've created separate pages for the various things that I intend to sell.  Please bear with me while I set this up, take pictures, get used to having a layout that isn't just one basic blog post  etc - I work full time so I am doing this all in my spare time and I'm not a web designer (hence the BlogSpot website as oppose to a "traditional" one.)

I'm also going to write a few blog posts about wedding colours, themes etc that are popular in 2014 and 2015 and maybe some more unusual ones too, to give you some ideas because lets face it when you start planning a wedding you have absolutely no idea where to start...unless you are Monica Geller and you have been planning this since you were a child.  I say thank goodness for Pinterest!

Jayne x